2D Bitten Red Apple DFC 04-94 .

We have more than 150 different styles of piñatas in stock and ready to buy. However, that does not guarantee that we have the one of your choice in stock. Please call us to place your order. Some piñatas take up to a week to be ready.

We make the same base with your choice of theme, we also make different piñatas of this same theme, call us at (713)468-5812 for more information

piñatas are only available for PICK UP


We can personalize this product by using your preferred theme and colors while keeping the same base.

Additionally, we offer this product in various sizes and quantities. If you need more information, please call us at (713)468-5812.

However, please note that this product is only available for pick-up and it may take up to a week to prepare based on the official order date and time.

If you need the piñata in a hurry, we may be able to provide a “Rush” order with a 1-2 day turnaround time for an additional “Rush fee,” available for only certain pinatas.


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